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Offering services to all, Tracee and the team at The Universal Connection Store are here to assist all of our customers find the perfect items to assist in life to bring about wellness, wholeness, balance and joy. The team are committed to their own growth and utilize many aspects of what is sold at The UC, which enables them to be available to our customers from a knowledgeable space.

Randi - Store Manager
Randi is a life long student of the Universe, committed to her self mastery, Randi loves working at The Universal Connection Store because of what The UC stands for to her, which is love, truth, acceptance, healing and guidance. She knows it to be a spiritual playground for all who enter and that there are endless possibilities awaiting to assist everyone from healing, coaching, books, incense and much more. One of Randi's all time favorite crystals is Rose Quartz because it has a soft, gentle stone that carries a soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment and comfort.
Cristin - Marketing Manager
Cristin has had a life long interest in the Metaphysical world as it relates to how much power your subconscious mind, your thoughts, and your beliefs have in creating your energy and therefore your reality. From that perspective, she loves working at The UC to assist people discover the power in the physical tools such as crystals, books, essential oils, and singing bowls to create shifts in your awareness and eventually to change what may not be working for you in life! One of Cristin's favorite crystals is's magical, mystical flashes of color call to her and she uses the Labradorite as a physical reminder to stay grounded, pure and a bit magical in her energy!
Karla - Store Team and Instagram Posts
Karla is very excited to learn more about herself and her purpose while being a member of the UC community. What interests her the most is the way in which crystals can assist us in many different ways and how beautiful it is for people to stand in their truth. She loves being around so many inspiring people at the store who are continuously assisting her in shaping herself. She also really enjoys helping people identify their crystals! Moonstone will always stand out to her because of its ability to assist with new beginnings, inner growth and intuition.
Tracee - Founder and Owner
Tracee loves to serve the community, both local and at large, by providing a safe space where people can grow and expand in their lives. Tracee has committed her life for the past 21 years of her career to being in service including opening The Universal Connection Store and The Sacred Seven Mastery School. Tracee is passionate about Transformation work, Mastery teachings and Personal Growth. Tracee has a deep love for all crystals but her favorite is Super Seven, also known as the Melody Stone. Super Seven brings seven crystals together in one stone, bringing expansion and growth.

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The team at The Universal Connection Store takes a stand for Humanity through a commitment to be in service, integrity and compassion.

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