The Best Of Professionals    

Offering services to all, Tracee and her team at The Universal Connection Store are here to assist those who feel challenged in life through Mental, Emotional or Physical illness as well as those seeking Emotional counseling, Personal Development and Spiritual growth.

Tracee Rothschild - Transformation Practitioner, Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Mentor/Coach, Owner
By appt only
Tracee works with Adults, Teens, Children and Animals and specializes in...
  • spiritual mentoring
  • life mastery teachings
  • intuitive coaching
  • download facilitation
  • releasing negative learned patterns & behaviors
  • manifestation & life purpose

Michelle Miller - Oracle Card Reader, Intuitive Healer, Energy Cleanser, Pranic Practitioner, Medium
Thursdays 1pm - 4pm or by appt
Michelle works with Adults and Teens and specializes in...
  • energetic body evaluations
  • releasing old components of emotional & physical trauma
  • manifestation & creation readings
  • identifying lessons
  • healing & cleansing
  • intuitive life coaching

Julie Smiley – Intuitive Life Coach, Empath, Divine Arts Practitioner
Fridays 1pm - 4pm or by appt
Julie works with Adult, Teens and children and specializes in…
  • spiritual guidance and mentoring
  • assist to identify and understand one’s own guidance system
  • intuitive life coaching
  • assist to identify patterns and co-create doable solutions

Lani Broderick - Higher Self Reader, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor
Saturdays and Sundays 1pm - 4pm or by appt
Lani works with Adults, Teens, Children and Animals and specializes in...
  • life path
  • physical healing
  • balance of body, mind & spirit
  • self growth & evolvement
  • career & life purpose
  • dense energy clearing

Cristin Laccabue - Life Coach, Power Coach
By appt only
Cristin works with Adults, College Students, Teens / Children and specializes in...
  • assisting you to get unstuck & move forward
  • law of attraction/abundance/relationship coaching
  • using positive psychology to navigate major life/career changes
  • reaching personal/self-growth goals & potential
  • providing powerful tools for transformation, education & healing
  • releasing destructive thoughts/patterns

Dr. Maryanne Kraft DC, CVCP - Chiropractor, Bodytalk Practitioner, Laser & Sound Therapy, Nutrition
Distance sessions only
Dr. Kraft works with Adults, Teens, Children and Animals and specializes in...
  • chiropractic care
  • veterinary orthopedic manipulation
  • erchonia low level light laser therapy
  • allergy clearing
  • nutritional evaluation & recommendations
  • energy work & distance healing

Randi Madison - Aura and Chakra Photography
By appt only
Randi works with Adults and specializes in...
  • aura & chakra photography