Life (Self) Mastery is about deciding to live life in authenticity, accountability, personal power and alignment with all that is - constantly. It is about letting go of all of the be-lie-fs we have created for ourselves based on our lives, experiences, stories (so essentially letting go of all the things we have told ourselves what we are not) to begin to re-member who we really are and what our reason is for being here (on earth).

Self Mastery is a committed path and one that takes committed action each and every moment to not only hold the light, but BE the light - each and every moment. Which is actually the easiest thing for us to do. Being in the ego is the most challenging.

Mastery is about using ancient teachings, tools, methods and ways to move from the third dimension, through the forth, into the fifth dimension and being able to sustain the fifth dimensional energy on a constant basis. This is where we create Heaven on Earth for ourselves. As for what you experience as a result or an outcome, that is simply up to you. Your life can stay the same. Your life can become magical. Your life can go backwards. It's all up to you! You are the creator!

Please note prices, services and minimums vary with each practitioner, so please be sure to check the information provided for each. To honor the time set aside for these appointments, we have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please call the store.

One-on-One Mentoring Sessions
Mastery Mentoring sessions are one-on-one session with a Mentor, who will walk beside the client assisting them to develop Divine Arts skills, abilities and functions. These sessions serve as training in the Mastery of Life and of the Divine Arts.

Sessions to remove old beliefs and programming may be necessary to be able to make space for new information, abilities and intuition to be remembered.

Sessions involving Download Facilitation may also be utilized which fills in the space of where the old once was.

One-on-One Mentoring sessions continue for as long as the client wishes to engage in developing new abilities in practice and in life. There may be longer breaks in between sessions to give the client time to process and to begin to adjust and live life from the new remembrance.

One-one-One Mentoring sessions are highly beneficial for Practitioners of the Divine Arts, for those wishing to step into their practice but don’t know where to start and for those who know there is no formal teaching available for Intuitive practices.
Practitioners offering these services include:

Mastery Courses
Prelude to Mastery
This 90 minute group class gives you the foundation of what Mastery is, what it is not and information for you to discern if you are ready to begin walking this path.

To begin walking the Mastery path, the first step is not about learning what you can do, it's learning to let go of what you have told yourself you CANNOT do, or WILL NOT do. Or maybe even what you were told you are not - that you are not enough. That maybe even you are ORDINARY and that you will never amount to anything.

Maybe you are living a life that is hum-drum and you "know" there is much more for can just "feel" it!

Once completed the Prelude, you then have the ability to commence the 6 month Beginners Mastery series.

Beginners Mastery Series
This group series meets 1 evening, every 3 weeks. This is where you will study your Spiritual Anatomy, Sacred Geometry, activate many dormant, un-remembered parts of you and begin to let go of limiting be-lie-fs that hold you back and keep you stuck in life.

You will work to bring back together the Macro parts of yourself with the Micro parts of yourself, re-membering how to live once again, whole and complete.

Each class concludes with a Meditation to assist in continuing the journey outside the classroom, along with homeplay ("homework") to continue to strengthen muscles that may have been long dormant.

Once you have successfully completed the Beginners path, the next step is....

Intermediate Mastery Series
Invitation to attend the Intermediate Mastery Series is by full completion of Prelude to Mastery and Beginners Mastery Series.

The Intermediate Mastery series, is a 7 month group commitment (meeting 1 day a month for 7 months), goes deeper into your spiritual anatomy, activations and connecting with many Masters who have walked the path before you.

You will spend time looking deeper at yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience and re-membering more about who you are and what that means.

On successful completion of the Intermediate series, you then have the ability to join any one of the Sacred Mastery Vision Quests.

Sacred Mastery Vision Quests
Once completed the Intermediate Mastery series, you will be invited to attend Sacred Mastery Vision Quests. These 3 or 4 day Vision Quests are held at powerful, sacred sites on the earth and are held numerous times throughout the year. These Quests provide space for you, away from your everyday life to take time to BE, listen, hear, explore and re-discover what you already know deep inside.

On completion of Intermediate series and at least one Sacred Mastery Vision Quest, you also have the ability to move onto the Advanced Mastery Series. This next step is by invitation only.

Advanced Mastery Series
Invitation to attend Advanced Mastery is by full completion of Intermediate Mastery Series, attendance of at least one Sacred Mastery Vision Quest and observance of conquering ego and beliefs.

The Advanced Mastery series is a 6 month group commitment (1 day per month for 6 months), delving into ancient teachings, bringing together Eastern and Western teachings and the divine connection that comes from mastering your connection with all-that-is on a level few have gotten in touch with.

Sacred and Ancient teachings become the Mastery way of life and a committed way of living. Ceremonial practices are re-membered and honored in this space. An opening to truth, wisdom and reverence is held here.

Practitioners offering these services include:
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