Energy Readings
Energy readings are different in that no cards are used. Instead, the practitioner taps into your energy field and channels information from spirit, archangels, angels, guides, family guides and your Higher Self. These readings assist in gaining clarity, presenting different options and paths in direction, and general guidance so that you may create and experience healing, peace, love and balance in your life. When we take action by removing energy blocks and clearing our “junk”, it opens the flow of energy in our lives and allows us to experience life in a more connected and fulfilling way.

Please note prices, services and minimums vary with each practitioner, so please be sure to check the information provided for each. To honor the time set aside for these appointments, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please call the store.

Download Facilitation
Our beings are much more than we see in the mirror every day. We are mighty, magnificent beings that hold every thing, every piece of information, every occurrence – past, present and future – within our cells, within our DNA. We store and hold information much like a hard drive of computer does and unless we access this information through the process of Download Facilitation, life can move at a much slower pace than we would like.

Experiencing Download Facilitation is a peaceful, calming experience of lying on a massage table while the Facilitator works to access the information that you are ready to bring forth. Most of the time we cannot do or do not do this for ourselves, even through meditation, because we have ego minds that like to get in the way and stop our greatness from not only being seen but being remembered. Download Facilitation bypasses the ego and taps into the Higher Self.

The Higher Self will only send what the being is ready for, however, Download Facilitation can bring forth a springboard effect in life and create situations of having to deal with areas of life that may have been avoided. So if Download Facilitation is for you….be sure you are ready to step into what life has for you….and this may mean having to “clean house”!
Practitioners offering these services include:

Psychic Surgery
Psychic Surgery is the practice of etherically cutting open areas of the being (physical, chemical, emotional, spiritual, mental) using a crystal wand. Once the area of concern is “open”, surgery takes place by the removal of whatever is in the way of the being functioning at its highest potential.

As we live our lives we pick up debris. This debris can present itself in many ways, but ultimately will bring about unwellness and/or disease. By removing the foreign debris, there may be a call to replace this debris with etheric substances, ie light, color, sound etc.

Once the debris is cleared in all areas, all layers of the being, the practitioner then uses tools to etherically “stitch up” the opened areas and may be called to seal the area with ancient oils and practices. This then brings about wholeness, wellness, harmony and peace within the being once again.
Practitioners offering these services include:
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