Card Readings
Card readings are a wonderful way to receive guidance on topics or issues that may be troubling you, or if you are simply looking for inspiration in your life. It gives you an opportunity to use the information as a powerful tool of insight and inspiration to create action in the direction of your hopes and dreams. We all have free will to choose to use what we learn to our benefit. You will find a brief description of the various types of cards that may be used in a reading to discover if you may be drawn to a deck.

In a card reading, you will sit in a chair across from the reader in a tranquil space and first take a moment to clear your mind and set your intention. Through the cards, your energy, or a combination of both, you will be given messages and insight from the most benevolent beings that are there to assist you. Whether it is the angelic realm, your higher self, or other spirit guides, the messages come through from the highest vibration of love and will always serve your highest good.

Please note prices, services and minimums vary with each practitioner, so please be sure to check the information provided for each. To honor the time set aside for these appointments, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please call the store.

Angel Cards
Angel Cards access the realm of Angelic beings that love, support and assist you in everyday life. Most well known are the Archangels who assist in healing, protection, comfort, direction, illumination and so much more. Angels cards will usually have inspirational words or a phrase that can be easily understood by all, along with complimentary artwork.
Practitioners offering these services include:

Animal Totem Cards
Indigenous and Native people have used what is known as “Animal Medicine” for centuries. Animals carry their own unique spirit energy and bring with them information to assist guide us on our paths as we journey through life.

The totem pole is used to signify many things – mostly story telling, history or record keeping. The totem used for Animal Totem Charts provides a person with guidance of what spirit and medicine of the animal nature is “telling them a story” or assisting them to work on a specific area of their life.

The areas of the Animal Totem used in these charts are:
  • The left and right wing (which are permanent and never change)
  • The four directions (north, east, west, south) and their elements
  • Above
  • Below
  • Within
You will leave the session with your chart and clear guidance of what strengths and challenges each spirit animal and therefore medicine brings you for your journey.

The middles section of Totems change as we walk through life (although the right and left stay the same), revisiting Animal Totem charts as life brings change is recommended to bring clarity at all turns in life.
Practitioners offering these services include:

Oracle Cards
Oracle Cards a decks that use imagery, wording and guidance from “The Wise Ones” – the Oracles. These wise ones are often known as Sages or Guides. There may also be cards with imagery and inspiration about particular situations in life, how to navigate through them to utilize them for growth and expansion in life.
Practitioners offering these services include:
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