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This bumper sticker is blue with white text reading "Coexist" in religious and social symbols representing each letter. Our concept includes seven symbols:
"C" - The crescent moon with a star is commonly understood to represent Islam; but the moon and star symbol also identify with Diana, a Greek Moon Goddess of ancient times. "o" - The ubiquitous Peace symbol with Venus and Mars (female/male) - Peace between the sexes and genders. "e" - Hindu "OM" "x" - The Jewish Star of David. "i" - A Pagan / Wiccan Pentacle / Pentagram and flaming candle. The flame symbol has been ubiquitous through many ancient and modern faith systems. "s" - A Taoist yin yang emphasizes balance and harmony. "t" - A Christian Cross.

Measures approx. 10.5 x 2.75 inches
High quality vinyl and long lasting print

Coexsist Sticker

Price: $5.50
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