Animal Communication
Animals experience life just as humans do, just in furry or feathered suits. They experience energy, pain, disorders and challenges. Giving your pet a voice, healing, and energetic support allows for them to live a happy, balanced, healthy life.

Pets communicate much more simply than humans. They don’t have an ego mind and therefore their communication is often simple and quick to the point once they know someone can “hear” them or is listening to them.

Health is typically restored and behaviors eased and/or rectified once the animal has been able to express themselves through communication.

Animals bodies are constructed just like humans, as far as their organs and structure is concerned. The receive healing just as we do, except they often need less of it as their bodies take in the healing energy rapidly, knowing where to send it and how to utilize it – therefore bringing about wellness sooner rather than later.

Animals can also experience past life issues just as humans. A past life situation may also create barriers to their wellness and demeaner. Having a past life (or even abusive start to this life) cleared can greatly assist with their happy lives as your companion.

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