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This Polished Orange Elestial, is clear with varying colors of orange & peach, is rare and precious.....
- An ancient stone with markings of deep symbols of wisdom
- Known as the stone of the Highest Good
- Relieves sorry, assists the grieving process
- Brings serenity, peace, expanded consciousness and Mastery level
- A stone of change and transformation. It rapidly stimulates spiritual and personal evolution
- Beneficial for cellular healing, regeneration

You will receive ONE(1) Pair of crystals from your selection.
Please note there will be a slight variation in terms of size, color, texture, etc.,
due to the unique nature of each stone/crystal.
Approximate size:
Small 3/4"
Medium 1 1/4"

Crystal Care

Cleansing - Lay on Selenite or Citrine or Smudge with Sage. Cleanse crystals daily, minimum weekly.

Blessing and Charging - Lay out in Full Moon or New Moon. Lay out in full Sunlight. Breathe your own breath of life, filled with intention on to crystal 3 times.

Meditate - Connect with your crystal by holding during Meditation.

Daily Use - Carry around in pocket, bag or pouch during the day. For sleep, place under pillow, in pillow case or on nightstand.

Orange Elestial Polished

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