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Energy and Body work assists to keep the body in alignment, balanced, healthy and whole. Blockages can exist in the body, in the Meridians, Organs and Systems. Healings, Reiki and Healing Massage can assist in clearing blocks and therefore bring the body back to balance. Blocks can also exist in the Etheric body - the Aura, Chakras and Energy fields surrounding the body. Energy Work, Chakra Balancing and Hands on Healing can assist to clear those fields and bring the body into a blissful state of balance and harmony.


Receiving a reading whether through the utilization of cards such as Angel Cards, Soul Cards or Life Purpose Cards or through Clairvoyance and Guided information from Angels, Masters, Guides or Higher Self, Readings can assist you to receive clarity in life and therefore forward movement through choice, knowledge and information. Mediumship can assist to connect with passed over loved ones which may assist in forgiveness, healing and peace.


A range of classes and workshops are offered at The Universal Connection Store to assist you in continued growth of self and spirit. From a weekly Guided Meditation class to learning how to balance and align your Chakra Energy Centers or experiencing the healing sound of a Full Moon Drumming Circle. These classes and workshops are held on evenings and weekends to assist you in being able to attend at a time that best supports you. Check out the Calendar of Events for more information.